Bulk Cranberry Suppliers

Bulk Cranberry Suppliers

Bulk Cranberry Suppliers

Many Wisconsin growers are able to supply cranberries in bulk. Please check the listing below for where to purchase fresh, frozen, juice, organics, concentrate, dried or sliced cranberries in bulk.

Cranberry Partners, LLC

Fresh organic cranberries, frozen organic cranberries, cranberry juice, concentrate and sliced cranberries.

Bob Wilson

(715) 422-0400


Gardner Cranberry

Dried cranberries, frozen cranberries and concentrate

(715) 884-3114


Glacial Lake Cranberries

Unsweetened dried cranberries

Mary B. Brown

(715) 887-4161

Graceland Fruit

Dried cranberries

(800) 352-7181


Habelman Bros. Company

Fresh cranberries

Ray J. Habelman

(608) 372-2444


Mariani Packing Company

Sweetened dried cranberries and cranberry concentrate

Steve Sousa

(800) 231-1287


Nekoosa Cranberry Company

Fresh cranberries, frozen cranberries, dried cranberries and organic cranberries

Nick Karris

(312) 828-0313

Ocean Spray Cranberries

Fresh cranberries, juices and drinks, dried cranberries, sauce, supplements and snacks


Wetherby Cranberry Company

Fresh cranberries and cranberry wine

James Van Wychen

(608) 378-4813


PGL Packaging LLC

Raw Cranberry Ingredients: Frozen premium whole and sliced cranberries in 40 lb cases. Frozen premium whole cranberries also available in 1300 lb cardboard totes.

(715) 424-3090