Boards & Staff


The Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association is led by a 10-person board of directors, a three-person staff and numerous committees. The WSCGA board is elected by grower members, and consists of nine cranberry growers and a UW-Extension Fruit Specialist. Growers also serve on the boards of several related cranberry organizations, listed below.

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association Board of Directors

  • Steven Bartling, President
  • Rocky Biegel, Vice-President
  • Mary Sawyer, Secretary
  • Jenna Van Wychen, Treasurer
  • Jim Bible
  • Mike Bretl
  • Kris Parker
  • Karl Pippenger
  • Rusty Schultz


  • Tom Lochner, Executive Director
  • Crystal Johnston, Bookkeeper/Clerical Assistant
  • Alex Skawinski, Member Education & Communications Manager/Administrative Assistant

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Staff

The USDA NRCS serves as the liaison for Wisconsin cranberry growers to the USDA and helps establish and support grower conservation programs in the state.

  • Judy Derricks, USDA-NRCS State Resource Conservationist

Wisconsin Cranberry Board, Inc.

The Wisconsin Cranberry Board, Inc. is responsible for administering Wisconsin's Cranberry Marketing Order, and it secures and distributes funding for research, educational and promotional programs related to cranberries.

  • Robert Detlefsen, President
  • Gabriella Liddane, Secretary
  • Fawn Gottschalk, Treasurer
  • Amber Bristow
  • Amy Gebhardt
  • Mike Gnewikow
  • Rochelle Hoffman

Cranberry Museum Inc. Board

The Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center in Warrens, Wisconsin, features museum exhibits, educational displays, an ice cream parlor and more. The Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center is led by a board of directors.

  • Jim Peterson, President
  • Nodji Van Wychen, Vice-President
  • Jason Krultz, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Knoepker
  • Tom Lochner

Wisconsin Cranberry Research and Education Foundation (WCREF) Board

WCREF was established in 1999 by the WSCGA to provide professional education to cranberry growers, develop a research facility for scientific research related to the horticulture of cranberries and to research and develop best management practices designed to minimize environmental impacts of cranberry production. The Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt 501(c) (3) charitable institution.

  • Bill Wolfe, President
  • Jim Van Wychen, Vice President
  • Danielle Anderson, Secretary
  • John Stauner, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Bennett
  • Robert Detlefsen
  • Edward A. Grygleski
  • Steve Hahn
  • Bill Hatch
  • Allison Jonjak
  • Jim Peterson
  • Mary Sawyer
  • Scott Schultz
  • Nodji Van Wychen
  • Jed Colquhoun, Ex Officio