Wisconsin Cranberries: Growing Green

When most people think of cranberries, they think of the color red. But for 125 years and counting, Wisconsin growers and WSCGA have worked tirelessly to be known as green, too. 

Our growers realize that in order for the cranberry industry to remain a strong part of Wisconsin’s heritage and economy for generations to come, we must take steps today to foster sustainable farming. Many growers are actively involved in research that optimizes production and business, while at the same time reduces environmental impact.

Whether it is by developing new, more efficient technology, implementing conservation strategies, or working to protect wildlife, our growers play an important role in preserving the marshes on which they live and work.  We are proud of our efforts and continuously work to better our industry.

In 2010, and again in 2013, University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher Jed Colquhoun conducted a study of the industry’s sustainability successes to date and reported that Wisconsin’s cranberry growers have made significant gains in the adoption of sustainable management practices over the past two decades.  See the full studies below for more detail.

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Read the Reports

Sustainable Cranberry Production in Wisconsin (2013)

Sustainable Cranberry Production for a Vibrant Future: The Wisconsin Experience (2010)