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The cranberry has moved beyond the Thanksgiving table to become a favorite food year-round. Sweetened-dried cranberries are finding their way into everything from summer salads to trail mix and cookies, and cranberry juices and sauces come in more varieties now than ever before.

Get on a cranberry kick today and try some of the delicious, unique and good-for-you recipes.

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Cooking with Cranberries

Fresh cranberries can be found in your supermarket produce section from September to December. To prepare cranberries for cooking, sort out bruised berries, then rinse in cold water. The fresh berries can be frozen for up to a year – just pop them in your freezer and wash them before you use them for cooking. Of course, frozen cranberries and sweetened-dried cranberries can be found all year long, providing recipe possibilities for every season! Here are some other cranberry tips:

  • Chop cranberries in a food processor for quick results
  • 12 oz cranberries equals 3 cups
  • If a favorite recipe calls for 4 cups (16 oz) of cranberries, it can be adapted to the 12 oz bag size by cutting all ingredients by one-fourth
  • Refrigerate leftover cranberry sauce or cranberry orange relish for several days, or, freeze in an airtight container up to a full year

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